“Time and time again, my heart called for the nostalgic smells and flavours of real Lebanese Street Food. So it was only natural for me to bring those familiar flavours to Dubai for all to enjoy".


Fadi Haidar

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Each sandwich is prepared with love and the best ingredients to transport you back to the streets of Beirut

Manakeesh From

Aed 9

 زعتر | Zaatar
زعتر وجبنة | Zaatar Cheese
زعتر ولبنة | Zaatar Labneh
كشك | Kishk
عكاوي | Akkawi
قشقوان | Kashkaval
حلوم | Halloumi
لحم بعجين | Lahm b Ajine
لحم بعجين مع جبنة | Lahm b Ajine & Cheese
سبانخ | Spinach
سجق | Soujok
سجق وجبنة | Soujok Cheese

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